Do what you like, but do it tailored: All areas of alteration, from new to old. recuts or repairs

Visit our shop to take advantage of our high-quality alterations and let those clothes you are about to trash live to see another day. At Sordillo’s we can alter your ill fitting clothes so that they fit you perfectly.

Our ultimate goal is to make sure you look better and feel better about your clothes. You can have that confidence with clothes that fit you well. Tailoring is not just fixing your old clothes, which helps you to save money and revamp those clothes sitting in the closet; but also, it is a way to invest in your current clothes so that it fits perfectly. Even better, we work with all materials that can be sewn, including all fabrics, leather, fur, velvet, bedding, and more.

We guarantee quality, and attention to detail. With our 48 years experience in custom-made and in skillfully cutting and sewing fabric with painstaking precision, there is nothing that we cannot do at Sordillo’s, from complex cuts to simple tailoring with a 1-2 week turnaround time: reconstructing a jacket, replacing a zipper, and  hem sagging slacks etc. Nothing delights us more than seeing our clients in form-fitting wear.

Alterations, custom tailoring are an investment and you want to choose your tailor wisely.

Therefore, we guarantee quality service done at our store

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